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Top 50 Best Coming of Age Fantasy Books

The crowd version of the main site's Top 50 Best Coming of Age Fantasy Books -- a list that covers the best of the coming of age stories found in the fantasy genre.

Best Gritty Fantasy Books

The crowd ranked version of our 'Best Gritty Fantasy Books' list on the main site. This list is ranked by public votes and provides an alternative to the main site's curated list ranking.

Best Assassin Fantasy Books

The crowd-ranked version of the Best Assassin Book list

Best LitRPG Books

The Best LitRPG Books

Mundan Fantasy Books

Fantasy Books that fall into the 'Mundane' subgenre. That is, fantasy books where all or some of the usual fantasy elements are missing from the story. This means the typical settings and typical magical elements and fantastical creatures are not readily visible in the story. This is not always the case, but sometimes it might be.