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Best Epic Fantasy Books

Original List by Crowd: Best Epic Fantasy Books

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Criteria: the best epic fantasy books, only books that are epic fantasy

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By: Anonymous
2013-11-23 05:09:24

This list is a fantastic resource. Do you plan to update it soon?

By: Anonymous
2013-11-08 08:02:32

This list is such a helpful tool Now I don't need to go into beginning a series blindly.thanks to this list I've found great series such as Fionovar Tapestry, Cathrand Voyage, and Codex Alera. I would rank them higher. I also bought a couple I didn't like on the list such as Chronicles of Amber which Was boring and I absolutely hated!! I thought Hobbs Assasin series was well written but too gloomy so I didn't get past the first book. I read Sword of Truth before seeing this list. It was both good and bad ( kinky). I wasn't interested in continuing the series but Regardless I agree with people who thought it should at least been somewhere on this list. I read the entire series of Wheel of Time. Mixed feelings on that one and Lord of the Rings was a joy. Weiss' Labyrinth series is fun. Don't read Thomas Covenant unless you don't mind a disgusting " hero".

By: Anonymous
2013-02-15 09:22:24

Has no one here ever read David Ediings? I don't see how you can have a serios list without including his stuff, Its a lot better than some of the things on your list.

By: Anonymous

It's number 39 on the list