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The crowd-ranked version of our Top 25 Best Indie Fantasy Books list. We've included the best of the best of indie / self published works. This is a vast marketplace with thousands of books. There's a lot of hidden jewels waiting to be found, but you are going to have to dig through a lot of muck to get at them. Some of the most popular fantasy books started off as self published: Michael J Sullivan's Riyria Revelations series; Blood Song by Anthony Ryian, Douglas Hulick's Among Thieves, Andy Weir's The Martian, and more. What counts as Indie Fantasy? Well this is broad term that includes Self Published fantasy (usually as a Kindle Boon via the Amazon Kindle marketplace) and Small Press Publishers (publishers that are not part of the Big Six and that specialize in publishing new authors who have self published or who have never published). Our main criteria for this list are books that are self published or published via very small publishers (who consider themselves indie publishers). Some of the books on this list may end up as traditionally published. But at TIME of this list creation, were either self published or indie published.
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by Benita J. Prins

All that fifteen-year-old Einur Landman has left in the world are his flock of sheep and his beloved little sister. The entire purpose of his life is to keep Lody safe from the Illyrië. But what he never expected was that it would be his own name that was drawn for the child sacrifice. Leaving Lody with his promise to return, Einur escapes into the wild where he meets a stranger who outlines a way to bring down the Illyrië. Forced to choose between the unthinkable – Lody’s probable death – and the seemingly impossible, Einur takes the latter. In his quest from his mountain village, through countless dangers, to the sea itself, everything Einur believes will be tested. For Lody's sake, can he make a final crucial choice and stand firm to the end?

Senlin Ascends

by Mr. Josiah Bancroft

The Books of Babel, Book I: Senlin Ascends

The Tower of Babel is the greatest marvel of the Silk Age. Immense as a mountain, the ancient Tower holds unnumbered ringdoms, warring and peaceful, stacked one on the other like the layers of a cake. It is a world of geniuses and tyrants, of airships and steam engines, of unusual animals and mysterious machines.

While honeymooning in the Tower of Babel, Senlin loses his wife, Marya.

Thomas Senlin, the mild-mannered headmaster of a small village school, is drawn to the Tower by scientific curiosity and the grandiose promises of a guidebook. The luxurious Baths of the Tower seem an ideal destination for a honeymoon, but soon after arriving, Senlin loses Marya in the crowd.

Before he can find Marya, Senlin must first discover himself.

Senlin’s search for Marya carries him through madhouses, ballrooms, and burlesque theaters. He must survive betrayal, assassination, and the long guns of a flying fortress. But if he hopes to find his wife, he will have to do more than just survive. This quiet man of letters must become a man of action.


The Heresy Within

by Rob J. Hayes

5 avg rating
JEZZET VEL'URN IS A TRAINED SWORDSWOMAN. She has rightfully earned the title Blademaster, and she knows that for a woman like her there are generally just two ways out of most hostile situations; fight or fornicate. All too often for Jezzet's liking, it comes down to some gods-be-damned combination of the two. In The Heresy Within, Jezzet is chased into the Wild by a vengeful warlord until she finally makes it to the sovereign city-state of Chade. But instead of sanctuary, she finds only more opportunistic bastards waiting to turn her over to her enemies.

Also figuring majorly in the story is THANQUIL DARKHEART, a sorcerer hunter called an Arbiter, tasked with hunting down and purging heretics for the Inquisition. Thanquil is given a task by the God Emperor of Sarth from which he has no escape. Lastly there’s the brutal outlaw called BLACK THORN, best known perhaps for the killing of several Arbiters and possibly being one of the biggest names in the Wild for his proclivities.

All three of their fates seem to be converging on the Free City of Chade and, before long, Jezzet, Thanquil, and the Black Thorn will have to confront each other, as they find themselves facing THE HERESY WITHIN.

This is book one of ROB J. HAYES' epic grimdark trilogy, The Ties That Bind. It is intended for mature readers. This newly re-packaged Ragnarok edition has been edited and revised.


by Ben S. Dobson

Disgraced scholar Dennon Lark only wants to be left alone in his self-imposed exile—an exile that ends when a rebel army wielding impossible powers launches a series of brutal attacks on villages across the Kingsland.

Forced from his home, Dennon is drawn back into a world he wants nothing to do with. His research into the kingdom's lost past—the very research that sent him into hiding—may hold the answers to a great many questions about the rebels. Questions about their shadowy motives; about their mysterious abilities; and about their ever-increasing numbers, constantly bolstered by those thought killed in their attacks. And only the King's infamous warrior niece Bryndine Errynson and her company of female soldiers trust him enough to help him find the truth before the rebels burn the Kingsland to the ground.

Following a trail of historical clues across the kingdom and pursued by forces they don't fully understand, Dennon and Bryndine may be the realm's only hope. But in order to preserve the Kingsland's future, they must first uncover its past.

What Remains Of Heroes

by David Benem

"David Benem has crafted a very dark sort of fantasy here -- one that is violent and sometimes even vulgar -- but one in which all of the pieces are polished to a shine, dazzling the reader from start to finish." - Bob Milne, Beauty in Ruins                                                                                                                                         
Lannick deVeers used to be somebody.  A hero, even.  Then, he ran afoul of the kingdom's most powerful general and the cost he paid was nearly too much to bear.  In the years that followed, his grief turned him into a shadow of his former self, and he spent his days drowning his regrets in tankards of ale.                                                                                       
But now an unexpected encounter casts Lannick upon an unlikely path to revenge.  If he can just find the strength to overcome the many mistakes of his past, he can seize the chance to become a hero once more.                                                                                                                          
And with an ancient enemy lurking at the kingdom's doorstep, he'd better...

Carnifex (Legends Of The Nameless

by D P Prior

A name destined to be forgotten. A cursed axe. An atrocity too great to be forgiven.

"Gritty, tense, and brutally tragic. High quality storytelling with great characters and a relentless plot." -- Mitchell Hogan, author of A Crucible of Souls and Aurealis Award winner.

The legend begins...

For more than a thousand years, the dwarves have hidden away from the world in their ravine city of Arx Gravis.

Governed by an inflexible council whose sole aim is to avoid the errors of the past, the defining virtue of their society is that nothing should ever change.

But when the Scriptorium is broken into, and Ravine Guard Carnifex Thane sees a homunculus fleeing the scene of the crime, events are set in motion that will ensure nothing will ever be the same again.

Deception and death are coming to Arx Gravis.

The riddles that preceded Carnifex's birth crystalize into a horrifying fate that inexorably closes in.

But it is in blood that legends are born, and redemption is seeded in the gravest of sins.

For Carnifex is destined to become the Ravine Butcher, before even that grim appellation is forever lost, along with everything that once defined him.

The long-awaited Nameless Dwarf origins novel, and the start of a brand new series, Legends of the Nameless Dwarf, Carnifex by D.P. Prior is a welcome addition to the sword and sorcery tradition that spawned R.E. Howard, Michael Moorcock, Fritz Lieber, and Lin Carter, and it picks up right where the heroic fantasy of David Gemmell left off. With tight point of view, complex characterization, and an abundance of horror, bloodshed, and the relentless march of an uncaring fate, it also carries the hallmarks of modern day grimdark that readers of Joe Abercrombie and George R.R. Martin are familiar with.

The Beast Inside

by David Horrocks

When they stumble upon a feral girl on their farm, the Delaney's dreams of having a child come true. However, there is something about her that seems a little odd as nightmares and reality collide. The adventures of Alice Delaney begin in her early years and continue through to adulthood, as newly discovered powers lead her down a path filled with supernatural dangers. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts and witches. Alice's struggle to maintain her sanity will test her at every turn. Will she choose her own destiny or resign herself to an existence dictated by fate? Can she overcome the beast inside?

The Evermen Saga

by James Maxwell

Two years have passed since the war, yet without essence the Empire's economy has collapsed. Trade is at a standstill, famine sets in, and, with no food and no essence, the people begin to riot.

In the midst of the growing unrest, Miro struggles to balance his life with Amber against his resolve to keep threats to the Empire at bay. His sister, Ella, helps to build the machinery the Empire desperately needs, but she longs to find Killian and believes his powers will be needed in the conflict to come.

News of a wedding brings a much-needed ray of hope to the weary people. But as citizens and leaders gather from afar for the festivities, an evil threat shatters the fragile peace: one of the Evermen has returned. And he will not rest until he has completely destroyed the humans he despises.

This is the third book in the epic Evermen Saga.


Schooled In Magic

by Christopher Nuttall

Everyone knows that the Tower of Alexis is impregnable...

...But Emily intends to prove them wrong.

The Kingdom of Zangaria has finally started its descent into civil war. King Randor has declared martial law, imprisoned the pregnant Crown Princess Alassa in the Tower of Alexis and started preparations for a first strike against his enemies. The time has come for everyone to choose a side.

Emily has arrived in Alexis with the intention of freeing Alassa before her father can have her executed. But as Emily and her friends are drawn into a maelstrom of rebellious factions and crown loyalists, of commoners trying to escape the chaos and noblemen trying to make it worse, they find themselves faced with an insolvable problem.

If they manage to liberate Alassa - and put her on the throne - will there be anything left of Zangaria for her to rule?

Forging Divinity

by Andrew Rowe

Some say that in the city of Orlyn, godhood is on sale to the highest bidder. Thousands flock to the city each year, hoping for a chance at immortality.

Lydia Hastings is a knowledge sorcerer, capable of extracting information from anything she touches. When she travels to Orlyn to validate the claims of the local faith, she discovers a conspiracy that could lead to a war between the world's three greatest powers. At the focal point is a prisoner who bears a striking resemblance to the long-missing leader of the pantheon she worships.

Rescuing the prisoner would require risking her carefully cultivated cover - but his execution could mean the end of everything Lydia holds dear.


by Matthew Colville

For centuries the people of Ollghum Keep relied on the knights of the Green Order to protect them from the horrors of the haunted wood. Now, as before, a monstrous army marches on their small town. But this time, the Green Order is nowhere to be found.

The Bishop sends the priest Heden into the wood, to find out why. Arriving at their secret priory, Heden discovers their commander is dead, the remaining knights paralyzed with despair. They will not act, they will not tell him what happened, and with each hour the monstrous army gets closer to Ollghum Keep. Thousands will die if the priest fails.

When the knights start dying one by one, Heden must race to unravel the conspiracy of silence and save the knights from themselves so they can save the people they were sworn to guard.

Ours Is The Storm

by D. Thourson Palmer

5 avg rating
Revik Lasivar knows he is a savior. He knows he will never be defeated. He knows he is fighting for good.

Everything Revik Lasivar knows is a lie.

Revik is the prophesied heir to an ancient power, born to deliver his kingdom. Ahi'rea is the nomad seeress fighting to destroy it. As Ahi'rea leads her warriors to his border, Revik embarks on a last crusade to drive them out. When the savior and seeress cross swords, however, the deceptions they uncover will change both of them, and their world, forever.

Gooseberry Bluff Community College Of Magic

by David J. Schwartz

On an Earth that saw the weaponization of demons instead of uranium during World War II, a lone agent battles supernatural forces—and enemies within her own government—to unravel a conspiracy that threatens our very existence. This vivid alternate history sets the stage for a modern-day fantasy adventure that’s equal parts Harry Potter and The X-Files.

Across the world, a steady flow of illegally trafficked demons is fueling terrorist attacks known as “Heartstoppers,” which leave bodies lifeless but not technically dead. Authorities have identified Gooseberry Bluff Community College of Magic, a quaint school on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin, as a demon trafficking pipeline. Now it’s up to Joy Wilkins, a young agent from the Federal Bureau of Magical Affairs, to go undercover as a professor and find the source. But when her mentor turns up murdered and the clues point to a secret society known as the Thirteenth Rib, Joy finds herself in the middle of an ancient war that leaves our world hanging in the balance.

This book was initially released in episodes as a Kindle Serial. All episodes are now available for immediate download as a complete book. Learn more about Kindle Serials


The Beast Within

by Serena Valentino

A cursed prince sits alone in a secluded castle. Few have seen him, but those who claim they have say his hair is wild and nails are sharp--like a beast's! But how did this prince, once jovial and beloved by the people, come to be a reclusive and bitter monster? And is it possible that he can ever find true love and break the curse that has been placed upon him?

The Weight Of A Crown

by Tavish Kaeden

Thousands dream of it; still more die for it. Yet once obtained, how many can truly bear it?

After centuries of bitter conflict the realm of Esmoria is at last united under the banner of a single king. On the surface the realm appears to be enjoying its first taste of peace, but lingering resentment and the untimely death of the new ruler threaten to return Esmoria to political chaos.

Meanwhile, in the farthest reaches of the frozen north, a dethroned monarch’s plot for revenge awakens a long-forgotten evil. As darkness and treachery descend upon the realm, a young escapee from a forced labor camp, a disenfranchised soldier, and an epileptic engraver’s apprentice find themselves at the heart of the troubles.


by Luke Matthews

"Matthews' vivid description, brisk pacing, and page-turning mystery hooked me from the first page. The haunted construct Samuel is as fine an example of a compelling fantasy character as I could hope to find. CONSTRUCT is a delight!" - Cullen Bunn, writer of The Sixth Gun

The essence of every construct resides in their core. A fist-sized stone, carefully saturated with khet, mounted in a walking shell – the vessel through which experience will shape them. Wipe a construct’s core – strip all that away – and what’s left?

It’s a quandary that now haunts Samuel’s every step. Hundreds of years of life – the chronicle of his experience – taken from him. All that he once was, replaced by visions of a gruesome murder, the piercing silver eyes of a ruthless hunter, and premonitions of his own destruction. All of it punctuated by the one thing that no construct is supposed to be capable of: emotion.

Relentlessly pursued and adrift in a world that sees constructs as little more than property, Samuel now faces the hardest challenge of all – knowing who to trust.
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