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Some of the more popular sword and sorcery books in the genre, as ranked by the crowd.
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The Book Of Swords

by Fred Saberhagen

The Books of Swords

The gods decide to devise a Game of great fun: their colleague Vulcan forges 12 magic Swords, each with a different power, and scatters them across the world. Play begins in grand and gloriously violent fashion as Swords are gathered and used to control chance, enhance fortune, and change destiny. The holder of a Sword wields power undreamed — power to change the world and the holder.

To add to the enjoyment, foolish mortals are invited to join, risking their puny lives. Demons and elementals need no invitation. But something had gone wrong in the forging, and the Game —

Death Dealer

by Rudolf Höss

SS Kommandant Rudolph Höss (1900?1947) was history's greatest mass murderer, personally supervising the extermination of approximately two million people, mostly Jews, at the death camp in Auschwitz, Poland. Death Dealer is a new, unexpurgated translation of Höss’s autobiography, written before, during, and after his trial. This edition includes rare photos, the minutes of the Wannsee Conference (where the Final Solution was decided and coordinated), original diagrams of the camps, a detailed chronology of important events at Auschwitz-Birkenau, Höss's final letters to his family, and a new foreword by Auschwitz survivor Primo Levi. Death Dealer stands as one of the most important?and chilling?documents of the Holocaust.

Sword And Sorceress

by Elisabeth Waters

Women of Strength and Magic...

For over two decades, the late Marion Zimmer Bradley, best-selling and beloved author, discovered and nurtured a new generation of authors. The roster of contributors over the years includes Mercedes Lackey, Laurell K. Hamilton, Charles de Lint, Diana L. Paxson, Emma Bull, Jennifer Roberson, and countless others.

The original stories featured here include such stellar authors as Deborah J. Ross, K.D. Wentworth, Dave Smeds, and exciting newcomers whose voices are sure to be heard again.

Enter a wondrous universe...

Marion Zimmer Bradley's Sword and Sorceress

Volume 27 includes stories by Pauline J. Alama, Steve Chapman, Patricia B. Cirone, Nathan Crowder, Leah Cypess, Linda A. B. Davis, Layla Lawlor, Melissa Mead, Jonathan Moeller, Michael H. Payne, Deborah J. Ross, Jonathan Shipley, Dave Smeds, Catherine Soto, Michael Spence, Elisabeth Waters, and Julia H. West.


by S.E. Akers

Bloodstone (Talisman- Volume 2)

A tragic, unforeseeable incident at the graveyard leaves Shiloh banging her head against a tombstone. To make matters worse, her family continues their mean-spirited alienation, in spite of her father’s recent death. That tension, coupled with the isolation she feels building from everyone around her, sends the supernatural Talisman sinking further into defeat. Even her new “destined” life starts to threaten the relationships of what loved ones she has left. After a harrowing encounter with three possessed thugs at the Drive-In, her magical mentor, Beatrix, insists she head out of town on an upcoming class trip for a much-needed siesta. Unfortunately for Shiloh, her study-trip turns out to be anything but when she darkens the door of the wrong Voodoo shop and finds herself smack dab in the middle of a supernatural “hot mess”. Now, Shiloh must fight to survive the volatile vacation, keep her classmates out of harm's way, and find a way to set things aright before her friend’s soul is lost forever.

*At the end of this copy, you can preview Chapter 1 from Oculus (Volume III)
**Updated January 12, 2016

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Coming of Age
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The Steven Erikson books don't belong here. They're all the fate-of-the-world themed or at least fate-of-the-nation. They're much too ambitious for the Sword and Sorcery label. As are the Terry Goodkind books, none of his series are S

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