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The Best Fantasy Books You've Never Read

Original List by Crowd: The Best Fantasy Books You've Never Read

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The publicly ranked version of's Best Fantasy Books You've Never Read ('ve-neve... more

Criteria: great fantasy reads that are under appreciated or not as well known as they should be

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By: Anonymous
2016-12-25 09:50:26

"The Runelords" series (four books) is absolutely fantastic. Not sure why it hasn't received more love.

By: Anonymous
2014-11-04 03:18:24

Spirits of Flux and Anchor is a much more engaging piece of work than some of the Top Ten here.

If you aren't 40 years old, you would have never seen it on the shelf. Amber is fun reading, but Flux and Anchor is a bit more fun, and I really enjoyed Amber and Random with his bad self.

Gray Mouser was so-so at best, but for the time it was in print was a unique tale.

Hope that helps for some perspective.