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Weird West Fantasy Books

Original List by Crowd: Weird West Fantasy Books

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The publicly ranked list of Weird West Fantasy Books The wild west combined with the supernatural. Sometimes the books might features all the trappin... more

Criteria: fantasy that combines the western with the supernatural

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By: Anonymous
2016-03-01 01:08:06

Excellent weird western. First in the trilogy. Post apocalyptic with great characters and story line.

By: Anonymous
2015-10-29 10:44:38

Joe Lansdale is one of the founding fathers of the weird west genre. Combining a compelling anti-hero in Jeddah Mercer and the supernatural in the form of vampires, zombies,dark sorcery, (and even reaching into HP Lovecraft's bag of tricks). Mr Lansdale has helped to shape the weird west genre.

By: Anonymous
2015-10-29 10:29:11

Great weird west story. Jonathan Mayberry delivers again!