25 Best Fantasy Movies

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In many ways fantasy is a very visual genre. Beautiful landscapes, magical spells and exotic creatures. No wonder the visual medium of movies have over the years attempted to bring these fantastic tales to the big screen. Not everyone has been faithful, successful, good or even entertaining. Wanna know what to buy for your next friday evening. This list is here to help you do that.


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Lord Of The Rings Box Set

by Peter Jackson

Obviously. Peter Jackson did the impossible in bringing these books to life. He took all the good parts of the books and added some billion dollars and talented acting in the mix and made a masterwork that no other trilogy of movies can attempt to re-create. Its not only the film every fantasy fan must see but everyone who watches movies. And don't miss The Hobbit either.

Harry Potter Movies Box Set

by Chris Columbus/David Yates

Next is the Harry Potter films. They have helped to introduce millions of younger people to fantasy. The story is pretty straight but none the less entertaining. They do an excellent job to transform the books to screen and J.K. Rowling have made sure they are faithful to the source.

Stardust Movie

by Neil Gaiman

Neil Gaimans epic fairytale translates beautifully to the big screen. Entertaining, actionpacked and filled with dark humor and death of many characters it is not your usual fairytale story at all.

Discworld Movies

by Terry Pratchett

Three of Terry Pratchetts books brought to the TV-screen. Hogfather, The Colour of Magic and Going postal and more is coming. Funny movies who parody the fantasy genre. The sets and cosumes and actors are great and can at times become pretty philosophical. Terry Pratchett was heavily involved in the production and stars a cameo in each film.

The City Of The Lost Children

by Cassandra Clare

Like a surreal dream you see this movie and reality melts away. Dark magic, evil science, orphans, giants, lices, oil platforms all in a Dickens-inspired world.
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Anonymous | 2012-12-28 02:44:09
LOTR is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous | 2012-12-08 10:23:40
Problem is I was in a hurry when I wrote this list and have no idea how to continue the list.

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