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Jackson Kross And The Dragon Girl

by A.J. Antony

A chivalrous dragon-rider. A snarky teenage girl. A physically disabled dragon. One hell of an epic adventure!

Jackson Kross is a knight in training. He works with a sworn brotherhood of knights, guarding the portal to the Otherworld, where the Crown rules the Sovereign Empire in peace.

But then he meets Shelly, a lost denizen of the Empire, a snarky girl stranded in London. A true knight never abandons a damsel in her distress. So he decides to take her back home, and the troubles begin for Jack.

Not because Shelly has forged documents that could put him in the dungeons. Not because he has to protect her from a bunch of bloodthirsty assassins. Not because the animal control is trying to hijack his pet dragon. But because Tess’lah, a powerful sorceress, has risen from the dead.

Tess’lah is a witch scorned by the Empire, and hell hath no fury greater than her. She will not rest until she has crumbled the Empire and killed the king. For that she needs a relic that belongs to Shelly.

That’s when things get real bad for Jack, both legally and personally. The young knight is not prepared for such a disaster. Nevertheless, he is forced to choose between honor and justice, love and treachery, and above all, life and death.

Ready or not, Jack’s game. Are you?

Teleport yourself from the present-day London to an unseen Otherworld: sprawling cities, modern magic, elves, dwarfs, goblins and domesticated dragons. Zero cliffhangers. Fans of Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Narnia and Eragon are already in love with this tale!

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