Books by C Grant

Gone Series

by Michael Grant

Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World

by Adam Grant

The #1 New York Times bestseller that examines how people can champion new ideas

sons of caasi

by C. Grant

5 avg rating
Amo Caasi, twin brother of the prophesied Time Ruler, the "Kronos", and second son of the most powerful leader in Spatium is desperate to escape the shadow of his indomitable brother Sier and the tragedy their birth portends. Plunged into a storm of deception and political intrigue, Amo concludes that the answers he seeks must be written in the prophetic Book of Fabula and Syuzhet. Determined to unravel the Book's mysterious codes, his quest sets off a chain of events that sends his life spiraling out of control. In the wake of a shocking murder that shakes Spatium to its core, and with his best friend's life hanging in the balance, Amo Caasi must face the enemy he fears most. Will he be saved by a love stronger than death, or does being the second-born of twins foreshadow his inevitable doom? Sons Of Caasi: Battle for Time combines the thrill of fantasy and adventure in a coming of age tale of chilling suspense and epic romance that takes the reader on a breathtaking, other-worldly journey.

The Encyclopedia Of Fantasy

by John Clute And John Grant

This huge volume is the first comprehensive encyclopedia of the fantasy field, offering an exciting new analysis of this highly diverse and hugely popular sphere of literature, from precursors such as Shakespeare and Dante, through Lewis Carroll, George MacDonald and L. Frank Baum to J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and their modern successors, like Ursula K. Le Guin, Peter S. Beagle, Stephen R. Donaldson and Jostein Gaarder. With over 4,000 entries and over 1 million words, it covers every aspect of fantasy - in literature, films, television, opera, art and comics.

The Forbidden City

by Alexander Grant

5 avg rating
‘I’ve read enough in this genre to think I know what’s coming next and I often didn’t.' (Gilbert M. Stack, author and historian)

It was the perfect plan. Murder the King and use his legions to restore the Empire. Only flaw; the man who created the legions managed to escape. No big deal. He was only one man, right?
Immerse yourself within the magical world of the Eagle Empire through the first book of the King's Lion Tales. Spectacular battles, high level strategy, romance, Gods, shamans, magicians and miraculous spices are making a truly entertaining read.
They sent his own legions to hunt him down. Assassins lurk behind every corner. The woman he loves is in danger. As if these are not enough, they plan to unleash a terrible ancient evil to plunge the world into warfare and bloodshed.
But he is not an ordinary man. He is a legend. General Leandros, the undefeated King's Lion. Now he is coming back armed with steel and magic. In a world full of intrigue, sorcery and enchantment, where Gods and humans play lethal power games, the King's Lion fights one breath-taking battle after another across an entire continent. The future of the Empire and of the woman he loves depends on him. Will his genius manage to save the world?

The Lion Prophecy

by Alexander Grant

5 avg rating
What is the prophecy that made a pirate kidnap the deadliest hero in the world?
(A stand-alone novel)
After years of fighting, peace reigns over the Eagle Empire. General Leandros is enjoying a romantic vacation with his wife at sea when a mysterious sea captain, the Mask, abducts them, asking for their help to free his fellow islanders from slavery.
The couple starts training the islanders, conducting daring raids on land and sea to free the slaves. Their only allies are a powerful sea-witch and a savage crew of ex-pirates.
Breathtaking duels, fierce battles and powerful sea-magic turn the tide in favor of the islanders until the enemy monarch sends his Grand Fleet to subdue them. With only two ships and a handful of men, the King's Lion faces a terrifying challenge. The future of an entire nation lies in his hands.
Explore the magical world around the Eagle Empire through the second book of the King's Lion Tales. Spectacular duels, naval battles, high level strategy, romance, seers and sea-magic are making a truly colourful and entertaining read

Welcome To Deep Cove

by Grant T. Reed

3 avg rating
At 31, Garrett Willigins has finally earned his private investigator's badge. Unfortunately the bills haven't stopped coming and building a solid reputation won't happen overnight. Forced to take employment wherever they can, Garrett and his miniature dragon partner, Merle, must dirty their hands any way possible to make a buck. Shoveling manure, chasing cats, and dock duty seem to be the order of the day.
Working off back rent for a notorious gangster isn't the safest of jobs on a good day, but when the other dock workers begin disappearing, Garrett finds himself elbow deep in a mystery that might spell a quick end to his short P.I. career.


* * * * For more fun with Garrett and the gang, check out the Vellian Heroes series --Funny Fruit and The Cassadian Chalice!

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