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The Middle Times Fantasy Series

by Carolyn McCray

#1 Kindle Bestseller in BOTH Men's Adventure and War genres!

***Warning*** This books is an extremely controversial religious/historical thriller. Too controversial to be published in hardback. Please do NOT purchase this book if you were at all disturbed by DaVinci's revelations. However if you like your fiction to challenge historical events, read on...

"Carolyn McCray's 30 PIECES OF SILVER proves that Dan Brown's crown is up for grabs. Part minefield and all roller-coaster ride, here is a story as controversial as it is thriller. Hunker down for a long night because once you start this book you won't be putting it down."
James Rollins, NY Times bestseller of DEVIL COLONY

Other 5 out of 5 star reviews...
"In a single word? Brilliant!"
Kenneth Weinart

5 out of 5 stars
"This novel messed with my head, plain and simple."
John Hopkin
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Book Reviewer

"Wow! I am so impressed when a (relatively) new author creates such a compelling, exciting and potentially controversial novel. The action is non-stop, the locations are intriguing and the characters are appealing. There is tension, romance, harrowing escape after harrowing escape all weaved within a story that captures your interest and keeps you guessing until the very end when you are floored by a surprise hook followed by an even more unexpected uppercut of an ending."
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Overview of 30 PIECES OF SILVER...
A Christian suicide bomber.
John the Baptist's bones inscribed in ancient Greek.
A dark secret carried from the foot of the crucifixion.

Can science solve the world's greatest mystery?

More praise...
"30 PIECES OF SILVER truly makes Brown's Da Vinci look like a Sunday school lesson! Prepare to be shocked!"
Greg Barton

"If you are looking for globe-trotting adventure in pursuit of ancient secrets, check out Carolyn McCray'a 30 PIECES OF SILVER. This ambitious blend of religion, science, and para-military is sure to hook fans of the genre."
Amy B. Lundebrek

For anyone who hungers for some serious controversy and can't get enough of James Rollins, Dan Brown, Stever Berry, and Brad Thor... 30 PIECES OF SILVER is your next thrill fix!!!

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**If you were looking Carolyn's #1 Mystery (in both Hard Boiled and Police Procedurals) it is titled "Plain Jane: Brunettes Beware" (a Patterson-style thriller with a dash of Hannibal), and it is under her pen name, Cristyn West.

**If you were looking for another bestselling Suspense/Mystery by Cristyn West it is titled "All Hallow's Eve: The One Night it is Bad to be Good"

**If you were looking for Carolyn'Cristyn's new Urban Fantasy Thriller, search under "Rook + West." It is the first in the "Let's Avoid the Apocalypse, People" series.

**If you were looking for Carolyn's #1 Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy thriller it is under "HeartsBlood." It is also a featured title on

**If you were looking for Carolyn's #1 YA Epic Fantasy, simply search for "7 Folds of Winter."

**If you were looking for Carolyn's softer side, her #1 bestselling Contemporary Romance is titled "Indian Moon."

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