Books by D M Twigg

The Great Game: Game Over

by D.M. Twigg

5 avg rating
The Great Game is the unrivaled peak of entertainment, but for some players their best days appear over. The Beast of Brenfir once turned depravity and disaster into one of the most exciting games in history. Now, as Barbara Bishop, she has one last chance to regain her super stardom. However, times have changed, and the price demanded by the modern players for a chance back in the spotlight may be too high for Barbara Bishop to bear...

The Great Game: Zero Sum Game

by D.M. Twigg

The Great Game has transformed from simulated danger to real risk. As sisters Jun and Lan Wang navigate the dangerous politics of working for The Great Game in the real world, they are forced to focus on what risk The Great Game itself poses. No matter the danger, the game remains profitable and successful, and will not stop for lack of willing players. Can the sisters save themselves and navigate the dangers of real life while dealing with the in-game threat of the emerging, and seemingly unstoppable Vile?

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