Books by Elyjah Bell

The City

by Elyjah Bell

Sweat and Ty had done Monique a terrible wrong. Their selfishness and cruelty had turned her into a shattered and broken woman, and she truly hadn’t deserved that.
But for the love of Pop — her best friend’s little brother, a kid whom she’d helped to raise into a man — through his love for her, he risked all to offer her what he thought would give her a new lease on life: Revenge.
And so gladly had she gotten it.
But they’d been found out. His gift of redemption turned into their curse. Run and hide, or they’d be found.
As for Sweat, he could not understand how all these misfortunes had come about: Ty in jail; Donnell, his accountant, believed to be dead; him without access to the money needed to pay Jay–Way, his supplier, the quarter million that he owed; and Jay-Way’s little brother dead in his trunk.
It was all like a bad dream. One that left him sitting there, in the backseat of a cab, wet and broke on his fourth lap around I–285, on the run with no love left for him in… The City.

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