Books by Fawn Bonning

King Kynneth

by Fawn Bonning

Christine escaped Lor Zeria with her life and her child, but now she must face his brathern. He is King Kynneth, hungry for power and bent on revenge. He means to rule the world of Atriia and to claim Christine as his own. Will he conquer the world? Will he conquer Christine? Or does fate have other plans?

The Heart Of Hannen

by Fawn Bonning

An epic tale of dark fantasy, erotic romance, and horror.

*Awarded Runner-Up in Romance - 2014 New York Book Festival
*Awarded Runner-Up in Romance - 2017 Los Angeles Book Festival                 

Christine's life has gone horribly awry. She is miserable in her small town where she feels destined to live her life as an outcast.

She has no idea that her true destiny lies in a different town . . . and in a different world, a most brutal world called Atriia. It is there she will learn the true meaning of misery.

And in the arms of a most unlikely candidate, she will also learn the true meaning of love.

He is Hannen Fallier, the one they call the foul fraigen dropper, revered by men for his fearless feats, yet looked upon by women with open disdain. With a face horribly mauled, he hides behind a mask of shame, deeming himself unworthy of love.

That he would seek acceptance from Christine is irony in its purest form. That he would seek her love . . . the ultimate betrayal.

**Mature subject matter.
**Warning - The Heart of Hannen is not for the faint of heart. If you do decide to brave your way within, you will need the aid of the dictionary located at the back of the book.
The Atriian language is primarily English and fairly simple, but may to a challenge to some.             

The Leader Of Lors

by Fawn Bonning

*Awarded Honorable Mention - 2014 New York Book Festival
*Awarded Honorable Mention - 2017 Los Angeles Book Festival

How far will a mother go to protect her child?

Christine will go to beyond the ends of the Earth,back to the brutal world of Atriia,back to the man who will possess her at any cost.

He is Lor Zeria,the beloved Leader of Lors,revered and respected by all,yet feared by Christine as no other.

This is a tale of fantasy and bravery,of adventure and horror,of passion and obsession,of survival and betrayal.

And for Christine Clavin . . .it is her own harrowing tale of destiny.

**Mature subject matter**

**There is a dictionary located in the back of the book which will be needed once you enter Atriia.

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