Books by Glenda Larke

The Aware

by Glenda Larke

While searching for an enigmatic slave woman on the lawless Gorthan Spit island, Blaze, an outcast and agent for the Keeper Isles, employs her ability to sense magic and uncovers an evil plot that threatens the existence of the eleven nations of the Isles of Glory. Original.

The Isles of Glory

by Glenda Larke

Finally returned to his human form, Ruarth Windrider discovers that the woman he loves, the illusionist Flame, has been tainted by dunmagic, and only Blaze can help Flame purge the evil that has engulfed her, but the cure could destroy all magic, forever changing the Isles of Glory. Original.

The Mirage Makers

by Glenda Larke

Stolen from her people as a child and raised as a citizen of the Tyranian Empire, Ligea Gayed is the obvious choice to despatch to her homeland, occupied Kardiastan, with orders to root out a rebel conspiracy.

At first, she devotes herself to her new assignment with zeal. Adopted daughter of the Empire's greatest general, and possessing a fearsome reputation within the ruthless Imperial spy network known as the Brotherhood, Ligea views herself as a loyal servant of Tyrans. But blood will out, and with each day she spends among her parents' people, her disciplined self-image crumbles a little.

And there are secrets in Kardiastan, secrets that will inevitably force Ligea to choose between her upbringing and her birthright. Secrets that will shape the destiny of two nations. . .

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