Books by J Stirling Robertson


by J. Stirling Robertson

Rhys Ireland, a jack of all failures, stands on the precipice of suicide between the borders of Washington and Oregon; staring deep into the dark waters of the Columbia River at midnight. His next decision will change the world...irreparably.

The following morning, traveling to his favorite spot near Bonneville Dam, all retiree Graham Myers wants is an exciting day of sturgeon fishing Lord willing. The catch of the day proves entirely too exciting.

Nearby in the small town of North Bonneville, Trooper Janus Bradley, of the Washington State Patrol, is still bitter from the aftermath of a nasty divorce. Responding to a disturbance at the upscale hot springs resort, he bears witness to the beginning of the end.

Concurrently, fifteen year-old Aria Bennett regains consciousness inside a nightmare. Blood covered, restrained in the back of a parked police vehicle, and without memory of the last several hours. She slowly realizes very little of the blood is hers...

...Within months humanity is on the brink of extinction and visions of horror roam the Earth. The old world is transformed by a red tide of monstrous proportions. Those who survive must embrace darker instincts or perish amidst their greatest fears...

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