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A Leaf Of Faith

by J. Suthern Hicks

The continuation of the Number 1 new release on Amazon in Christian fantasy, Where the Garden Begins. A Leaf of Faith, the second book in the Messenger and Thieves series, stands alone—without the necessity of having read the first book.

The Word has been vanquished. Truth has become relative. Evil thrives.

The Five Realms of Here have long sought someone to save them from the evil that holds them captive. Prophecy foretells that a brother and sister will come with a friend, bringing hope and news of a peaceful king. The prophecy is true.

The would-be heroes, Seth and Melissa, enter into a foreign world seemingly by chance, without much more than their faith as a guide. They are not alone, however. Unexpected help comes from the humblest in the animal kingdom; a little red fox and a daring dirt dauber. Together they set out on a dangerous mission to save one world, while unknowingly jeopardizing their own. Will both worlds be lost, or will this unlikely group of friends figure out the way to conquer evil?

Where The Garden Begins

by J. Suthern Hicks

5 avg rating
"I found this book to be wonderfully written and reminiscent of C S Lewis. I actually was surprised and delighted at the scientific explanations throughout this fictional book that again took me back to The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. This was more of a modern day approach to that styling and this author has created a beautiful and entertaining fantasy world that is nice to get lost in."

"Great read, I highly recommend it! A beautiful and well thought out blend of Creation truths and science. This is a great book for all ages (read it with my wife), especially teenagers who are seeking the truth. Engaging and fun, the characters and their challenges in faith speak fully for our need to trust the one true GOD and Christ's finished work on the cross."

In order to survive this otherworldly experience, Seth and Melissa must work together for the first time in their lives. The obstacles that come their way are numerous and challenging, but they have help throughout their adventure from newfound friends, including the loyal, kind-hearted red fox, and a benevolent owl named Adriel.

This extraordinary journey could reconcile their doubts about the truth of the Bible. But most importantly, Melissa and Seth will discover that faith is a precious gift, and without it, they may never get back home.

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