Books by Jennifer Stevenson

Trash Sex Magic

by Jennifer Stevenson

It’s a romance, it’s funny, it’s sexy, it’s about family and kinship, mothers and daughters, homecomings and never leaving home at all. It’s got villains and magic and even a tornado, along with characters who go through unexpected trans-formations (some quite literal). It’s a page-turner. Raedawn Somershoe lives in a trailer on the banks of the Fox River. She likes men and men like her. It runs in the family: her mother can seduce a man just by walking across a road. When they set their sights on a man, something magical happens. Alexander Caebeau drives a bucketloader for a construction company. He’s lonely, homesick, tired of cutting down trees and putting up ugly buildings. He’d like to go back to the Bahamas, but his grandmother won’t let him come home and when Alexander meets Raedawn Somershoe, something magical happens.

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