Books by Joe R Lansdale

Dead In The West

by Joe R. Lansdale

Mud Creek, Texas is doing alright—a real, thriving little community with a hotel, a café and a church, in addition to the livery and saloon. Seems like just the right sort of place for Reverend Jebidiah Mercer to pitch a tent and hold a revival. They shouldn’t have gotten together and lynched that Indian medicine man, though. They really shouldn’t have done that. It’s a good thing the Reverend can shoot, because in the dark of night, the dead of Mud Creek are rising… and they’re hungry.

Razored Saddles

by Joe R. Lansdale

This anthology contains: Black Boots by Robert R. McCammon; Thirteen Days of Glory by Scott Cupp; Gold by Lewis Shiner; The Tenth Toe by F. Paul Wilson; Sedalia by David J. Schow; Trapline by Ardath Mayhar; Trail of the Chromium Bandits by Al Sarrantonio; Dinker's Pond by Richard Laymon; Stampede by Melissa Mia Hall; Empty Places by Gary L. Raisor; Tony Red Dog by Neal Barrett, Jr.; The Passing of the Western by Howard Waldrop; Eldon's Penitente by Lenore Carroll; The Job by Joe R. Lansdale; I'm Always Here by Richard Christian Matheson; Yore Skin's Jes's Soft 'N Purty..He Said by Chet Williamson; and Razored Saddles by Robert Petitt.

The Nightrunners

by Joe R. Lansdale

In the field of country noir--the dark side of rural and small-town America--Lansdale staked his claim to East Texas with The Nightrunners. A '66 Chevy bears down on the countryside, with a carful of vicious teenagers and evil of Biblical proportions, in this terrifying morality tale of sex and violence. Here’s what Publishers Weekly just said in its starred review: “Lansdale’s The Nightrunners (1987)...set new standards for the depiction of graphic violence and is probably the best novel of its type between Psycho and The Silence of the Lambs ... This upsetting look at the human capacity for evil breaks with crime novel conventions when a supernatural element enters the story in the form of the grotesque deity known as the God of All Things Sharp...The Nightrunners retains its ability to awe and to horrify."

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