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Awards Won by Larry Niven

Won 4 awards in total (3 unique awards)
  • 1 Nebula
  • 1 Hugo
  • 2 Locus Science Fiction

  • Nominated for 8 (2 unique awards)
  • 3 Locus Science Fiction
  • 5 Hugo

  • Larry Niven won awards for the following:
    1985 Hugo Nominated: The Integral Trees
    1985 Locus Science Fiction Winner: The Integral Trees
    1984 Nebula Nominated: The Integral Trees
    1981 Hugo Nominated: The Ringworld Engineers
    1981 Locus Science Fiction Nominated: The Ringworld Engineers
    1978 Hugo Nominated: Lucifer's Hammer
    1977 Locus Science Fiction Nominated: A World Out of Time
    1976 Nebula Nominated: Inferno
    1976 Hugo Nominated: Inferno
    1974 Hugo Nominated: Protector
    1974 Locus Science Fiction Nominated: Protector
    1971 Hugo Winner: Ringworld
    1971 Locus Science Fiction Winner: Ringworld
    1970 Nebula Winner: Ringworld