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Dragon Cauldron

by Laurence Yep

Will the Dragon Homeland be Restored?

Monkey tells the tale as he joins the dragon princess Shimmer, and, along with two feisty humans, they embark on a mission to recover the dragon homeland. It has been Shimmer's personal quest for years, ever since Witch Civet stole the sea, and the dragons were evicted from their magnificent palaces of coral and pearl. Now the archenemy Civet is repentant, and she too has thrown in her lot with this fearless band.

Key to their success is the magic of the dragons' cauldron. But he cauldron is cracked, and to mend it they must reach the enchanted traveling mountain and engage the help of the fabled Snail man and the powerful Smith. Since the war against all dragons as escalated under the rule of the human king, Butcher, their journey is a dangerous one. The obstacles are endless, but so too are theqesters' determination and resourcefulness. just when they think hat they are within reach of their final goal, they face the biggest challenge of all....

The Dragon Prince

by Laurence Yep

When a poor farmer falls into the clutches of a dragon, only Seven, his youngest daughter, will save him—by marrying the beast.
Publishers Weekly praised "Yep's elegant, carefully crafted storytelling" and Mak's "skillfully and radiantly rendered illustrations" in this captivating and luminous Chinese variation of the beauty and the beast tale.

A 1998 Notable Children's Trade Book in Social Studies (NCSS/CBC)
A 1997 Pick of the Lists (ABA)

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