Books by Muffy Morrigan

Custodes Noctis

by Muffy Morrigan

A fantasy with its feet firmly set in the present day, The Legacy is the first in the Custodes Noctis-the Keepers of the Night-Series. Galen Emrys should be paired with his younger brother as the Emrys Keepers, providing safety and protection to the world around them as generations of Emrys Custodes Noctis had before them. But a tragic past, and an abiding evil, leave Galen alone, unwilling and unable to take up the mantle on his own. With the unexpected arrival of the brother who believed he was dead, Galen must face both their past and the present to defeat a legacy that has haunted his family for millennia. Unique magic, original characters, lush descriptions and unlikely heroes bring the story to life, as an ancient evil returns to change the brothers' lives forever.

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