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"biting The Sun" By Tanith Lee

by Tanith Lee

Tanith Lee is an alchemical author. Her books are an experience, not merely a mental exercise, and “Biting the Sun” is an absolute favorite book. Her book "The Silver Metal Lover" is also brilliant.

Death's Master

by Tanith Lee

"The soul is a magician. Only living flesh hampers it."
-- from Death's Master

Death's Master, winner of the August Derleth Award for Fantasy, is the second book of the stunning arabesque high fantasy series Tales from the Flat Earth, which, in the manner of the One Thousand and One Nights, portrays an ancient world in mythic grandeur via connected tales.

Long time ago when the Earth was Flat, beautiful indifferent Gods lived in the airy Upperearth realm above, curious passionate demons lived in the exotic Underearth realm below, and mortals were relegated to exist in the middle.

Uhlume, Lord of Death, second of the Lords of Darkness, King of Shadow and Pallor, makes an unusual bargain which sets in motion an intricate sequence of events that entangle men and gods, queens and kings, sorcerers and witches, and lowly wanderers. When the secret to immortality falls into human hands, dark magic and wickedness are unleashed, testing the bounds of mortal love and sanity, and questioning the nature and purpose of life itself.

Come within this ancient world of brilliant darkness and beauty, of glittering palaces and wondrous elegant beings, of cruel passions and undying love.

Rediscover the exotic wonder that is the Flat Earth.

Secret Books Of Paradys

by Tanith Lee

Paradys--the city--was a place of decadence and decay, of luxury and lasciviousness, and, after the revolution, a graveyard peopled by the insane and the dead... and by those who preyed on both. The strange and the tormented dwell in Paradys - prowling its dark streets and twisted alleyways, passing the endless hours in the city's elegant mansions and smoke-tarnished inns, wandering in moldering graveyards and the stark surrounding countryside. For the land here is bound by a timeless, soul-chilling magic, and that power has cast its spell over all who have ever lived in this foreboding and dangerous place.

All who came to Paradys were forever touched by its dread magic. The City was not one place but three, bound together by a labyrinth of ice yet separated, perhaps by time, perhaps by some long-forgotten enchantment, into Paradise, Paradis and Paradys--each cursed in an entirely different way...

Witness the city of Paradys' life and history through theeyes of its provocative and perverse citizens - a darkly fascinating odyssey as only World Fantasy Award winner Tanith Lee could imagine it.

tales from the flat earth

by Tanith Lee

Tanith Lee (1947-2015) was a British writer of science fiction, horror, and fantasy. She was the author of over 90 novels and 300 short stories, a children's picture book (Animal Castle), and many poems. She also wrote two episodes of the BBC science fiction series Blake's 7. She was the first woman to win the British Fantasy Award best novel award (also known as the August Derleth Award), for her book Death's Master (1980). This omnibus includes 3 novels from her Flat Earth series: 1] Night's Master (1978), the first, introduces Azhrarn, the Demon Lord of Night, who had preyed on mortals for so long, but he now has to fight to preserve them; 2] Death's Master (1979), number two in the series, Azhrarn and Uhlume, Lord of Death, use their magic to win control of human affairs; and 3] Delusion's Master (1981), number three in the series. Chuz, Lord of Madness, challenges Azhrarn's might, and continues the conflict between the Demon Lords.

Tales From The Flat Earth -

by Tanith Lee

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Tales from the Flat Earth - The Lords of Darkness

by Tanith Lee

The "Lords Of Darkness" is a wonderful book full of fantastic creatures, human and not quite human. This book takes place in a land and a time I wish I lived in! There are three Lords of Darkness, related but not always wanting to admit it. They walk the Earth often and interact with humans, often to the human's detriment.

The Birthgrave

by Tanith Lee

The Birthgrave is Tanith Lee's first published novel -- the first book of a trilogy of stunning imagination -- and remains one of her most memorable best. This fine edition includes a new introduction by the author.

A mysterious woman awakens in the heart of a dormant volcano and comes forth into a brutal ancient world transformed by genocidal pestilence, war, fierce beauty, and cultural devastation. She has no memory of herself, and she could be anyone -- mortal woman, demoness lover, last living heir to a long-gone race, or a goddess of destruction. Compelled by the terrifying Karrakaz to search for the mysterious Jade that is the answer to her secret self, she embarks on a journey of timeless wonder.

Come within this realm of brilliant cruel beauty and seductive immortal ruins, of savage war and grand conquest, of falling stars and silver gods, of longing and desire.

Rediscover the exotic wonder of The Birthgrave Trilogy.


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