Books by Traci Loudin

The Last Of The Ageless

by Traci Loudin

In the unforgiving wastelands far from home, Dalan must find an animal companion and bond with it so his people will consider him an adult at last. But that's only the start of his adventures.

While away from his tribe, Dalan saves the life of a fellow mutant who gives him a magical talisman in thanks. Unfortunately, he soon learns that by saving her life, he may have sinned against the Ancient Teachings of his people. And when he starts hearing a voice inside his head, Dalan knows he's made a terrible mistake that he must now atone for.

What is the mysterious talisman, really? And what secrets does it reveal about the apocalyptic event that wiped out the Ancients centuries ago?

Readers call The Last of the Ageless "absolutely refreshing" and "satisfying." Scroll up to buy it now!

Written for fans of the Deathlands series by James Axler, this adventure through the apocalypse reads like a heroic fantasy with mutants and aliens in some kickass fight scenes! Perfect for ages 16 and up, this book contains graphic depictions of violence. Optimized to read on a smartphone or any larger device. Buy it now!

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