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The Winter of Enchantment

by Victoria Clayton

A magic mirror enables Sebastian to travel from his Victorian world of winter snow and Mrs Parkin to a magic world of Melissa, Mantari, and wicked Enchanter and many other exciting people.

This wonderful book follows in the great tradition of the E. Nesbit magic books. Since its first publication in 1969 it has proved its appeal to children of every age.

Long out of print until republished by Fidra Books in the UK and Purple House Press in the USA, it received praise from respected children's authors including:

Garth Nix - "...I prize my copy of The Winter of Enchantment very highly and suggest you seek it out. A great fantasy tale of a young boy who must undertake a quest to free a girl from the eternal prison of the Enchanter, aided only by the Silver Teapot, Mantari the cat (who ate the Silver Fish and so inadvertently took its power), the Seasons, and their own courage. Somebody should republish this book!"

Neil Gaiman: "I remember it as being utterly magical." Interviewed by Jayne Nelson for SFX Magazine he said that he had first read The Winter of Enchantment at the age of 8 or 9, and recalled how the story had stayed with him. "I remember running across the book again when I was 12 and it being just as strange - scenes remained, and characters. And when I was 42 and read it again, it was just as vivid." ... ther's a point of view of the fragility of the world and of the nature of the powers beyond it that I definitely absorbed..."

The sequel - The House Called Hadlows - is also now available as a Kindle book.

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