A Land Fit For Heroes

by Richard K. Morgan

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“Pulpy and hard-core, but with a heart of gold.”—io9

The otherworldly Kiriath once used their advanced technology to save the world from the dark magic of the Aldrain, only to depart as mysteriously as they arrived. Now one of the Kiriath’s uncanny machines has fallen from orbit, with a message that humanity once more faces a grave danger: the Ilwrack Changeling, a boy raised to manhood in the ghostly realm of the Gray Places. Wrapped in sorcerous slumber on an island that drifts between this world and the Gray Places, the Ilwrack Changeling is stirring. When he wakes, the Aldrain will rally to him and return in force. But with the Kiriath long gone, humankind’s fate now depends on warrior Ringil Eskiath and his few, trusted allies. Undertaking a perilous journey to strike first against the Ilwrack Changeling, each of them seeks to outrun a haunted past and find redemption in the future. But redemption won’t come cheap. Nor, for that matter, will survival.


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Anonymous | 2015-07-03 10:47:45
Ugh, the gay sex...
Anonymous | 2016-01-31 05:32:50
I haven't finished this series yet, I've just started book 3, but I don't see how this series is some of the "blackest grimdark" I've ever read, nor do I see where all this blood supposedly spurting from the pages is coming from. Reading the in-depth sexual exploits of the gay protagonist is definitely something different, though overall darker fantasy is very common these days, and so far I'm finding that this is really not that bloody at all, and "blackest grimdark" is hardly fitting. After reading the description in the list I was expecting a romp through hell with guts and viscera everywhere, instead I'm reminded more of Joe Abercrombie's First Law series when it comes to any darkness in the protagonist, there's no more blood here so far than that series or any of the military fantasy ones. I am really quite enjoying this series, but based on this site's description I was expecting something else entirely.
Anonymous | 2016-04-03 05:00:15
God damn faggots
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