A Shadow In Summer

by Daniel Abraham

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Book 61 of 445 in the Best Fantasy Books
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The powerful city-state of Saraykeht is a bastion of peace and culture, a major center of commerce and trade. Its economy depends on the power of the captive spirit, Seedless, an andat bound to the poet-sorcerer Heshai for life. Enter the Galts, a juggernaut of an empire committed to laying waste to all lands with their ferocious army. Saraykeht, though, has always been too strong for the Galts to attack, but now they see an opportunity. If they can dispose of Heshai, Seedless's bonded poet-sorcerer, Seedless will perish and the entire city will fall. With secret forces inside the city, the Galts prepare to enact their terrible plan.
In the middle is Otah, a simple laborer with a complex past. Recruited to act as a bodyguard for his girlfriend's boss at a secret meeting, he inadvertently learns of the Galtish plot. Otah finds himself as the sole hope of Saraykeht, either he stops the Galts, or the whole city and everyone in it perishes forever.

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Anonymous | 2015-02-02 09:17:00
Honestly this was terrible. I could not wait for the book to end. That this is the leader of the top 100 is a disgrace. That it doesn't even show up in the user top 100 is quite telling I think.
Anonymous | 2015-08-22 10:58:24
I loved this series. It's not exactly fast paced, but there is rich and beautiful character development, and a very interesting take on magic. I felt a genuine loss when the series was over because I missed the characters so much. At least read the prologue of this book, and you'll know if you'll enjoy the series.
Anonymous | 2015-11-26 08:21:04
The Long Price Quartet is one of the most literate fantasy series I've ever read. The evolution of the main character from a young, rebellious teenager to a mature and thoughtful ruler is done with grace and empathy. An outstanding series beautifully written
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