A Warmed Fanny

by Mr. C J Andrews

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Book 22 of 31 in the Erotic Fantasy Books
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When Andrew, an eighteen year old, high school senior, smarted off to his one year older sister, Gina, and her friends, he had no idea, how dearly they would make him pay for it, nor did he know, exactly how much he would enjoy it!

This is the first story, taken from the steamy, compilation of spanking erotica: “The Hot Heinie Chronicles” which explores a brother and sister’s exploration and journey into incest, secrets, domination and submission. This brother and sister are taking their friends along with them, for the rides of their young lives.

It is unclear whether C.J. Andrews is a male or a female. Because all of the stories are written from the submissive’s perspective and the character’s emotions and “tinglings” are brought across so well, you have to wonder.

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