Ash: A Secret History


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Chapter One"Gentlemen, Said Ash, "shut your faces!"The clatter of helmet visors shutting sounded all along the line of horsemen.Beside her, Robert Anselm paused with his hand to his throat, about to thrust the laminated plate of his steel bevor up into its locking position over his mouth and chin. "...

  • Author: Mary Gentle
  • Publish Date: 1999-10-01
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    Won 1 awards in total (1 unique awards)
  • 1 British Science Fiction Association

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  • 1 Locus Fantasy
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    2001 Locus Fantasy Nominated: Ash: A Secret History
    2001 John W. Campell Award Nominated: Ash: A Secret History
    2001 Authur C. Clark Award Nominated: Ash: A Secret History
    2000 British Science Fiction Association Award Winner: Ash: A Secret History

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    By: Anonymous
    2016-01-19 02:26:04

    Read this and I was very impressed with the story as well as its structure. The commentaries and the letters actually contribute significantly and meaningfully to the story and is not simply a gimmick (even though it may appear to be a gimmick at the earlier parts).

    This is a great long military (low magic, if it can be referred to as that without spoiling the plot) novel. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

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