Atheist Answers

by David G. McAfee

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Whether you’re a non-believer interested in activism or a religious fundamentalist who wants to learn about the “other side,” Atheist Answers is perfect for you. The book contains hundreds of questions frequently asked of atheists, as well as answers from an atheist author and seasoned heathen. Some of the questions David G. McAfee answers include: “Why did you decide to become an atheist?” “What is the attitude of atheists towards religious people?” “Do you have to dislike religion to be an atheist?” “Why don’t you believe in God?” “If there was a Heaven, would you want to go?” “Can you imagine how the world would be without religion?” “What if there is a God?” “What about my answered prayers? Aren’t those enough proof of God?” “Do you believe in reincarnation?” “Doesn’t it take faith to be an atheist?” … and many, many, more!


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