by Jem I Kelley

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When Aden and Bliss discover that the Kingdom of Haverland is under threat from dark forces, they grit their teeth and resolve to warn someone.

However there are several problems:
1) They are over a thousand miles from Haverland
2) They are in a prison (gaol/jail) , over a thousand miles from Haverland
3) They are kids, in a prison, over a thousand miles from Haverland
4) They are kids, in a prison, full of monsters, over a thousand miles from Haverland (you can't get much tougher than that)

… and then they find two Magical Artefacts which could transport them to a strange alternate universe – which complicates their situation further.

If you want to a flagon full of fantasy adventure, with a few ladles of monsters, a couple of lumps of magic, a large sprinkling of interesting characters, plus a tiny dash of Humour – then Azabar's Icicle is for you.

Excerpt from Chapter 6 (page 21)

Chapter 6: The Secret Room

Aden followed Bliss through the secret entrance-way through a short tunnel, into what turned out to be a tiny room chocker block full with objects.

There sat two chests: a brass-clasped affair filling the width of the room, and a small one atop it. Above the chests, objects lay piled on a shelf. On the right wall a rack held a cutlass and a broadsword. A rack on the opposite wall held sections of polished armor. Piled in a wooden box on the floor beside the chests were several dozen objects which caught Aden’s attention. Magic artefact discs..

“Stone me!” He said.

All the artefacts glowed with a pale light. Aden shut his eyes, and counted to five. He opened them, and the artefacts were still there. Bliss lifted one and Aden watched his friend examine the thing.

What Bliss held resembled an athlete’s discus. About the size of her palm and fashioned of a pale milky substance, it sported a dark blue pattern on its surface. Within the milky substance of the disc lay a thin metal structure. Tiny cogs whirled in a soundless high speed blur. A brass circular button sat flush against the outside center of the disc, and a black dot marked one edge of the button. A black dot also lay on the body of the disc beside the button.

Bliss traced her finger across the disc. “An artefact disc! I’ve never seen a real one before.”

Aden had never seen one before, either. Their homeland, Haverland, owned thousands of artefacts but few people saw one. Stored deep under the Haverland palace, soldiers kept a constant watch on them. Guarded by strong vaults and even more soldiers were those few artefacts that ‘worked’. A working artefact was worth more than its weight in diamonds. What were artefacts doing here, in Dazarian, he wondered? And why weren’t they better protected?

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