Barrow King

by C.M. Carney

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What the Hell Happened to Lex?

All Lex wanted was to help his good buddy Gryph find his sister and maybe save the world along the way. But everything goes wrong from the start when Lex gets separated from Gryph during their transfer into the Realms. Lost, alone, and forced to live the same day over and over, Lex must defeat the agent of a despotic god, uncover hidden truths about himself, and find his way back to his friend. If he fails the Realms face destruction.

Killing Time is a side quest novel that bridges the gap between The Realms Book One: Barrow King and the The Realms Book Two: The Lost City. It is a tale of adventure, mayhem, and loyalty, filled with crazy action, way too much stupidity and tons of laughs.

The Realms - An Epic LitRPG Series.
1) Barrow King
2) Killing Time (A Side Quest)
3) The Lost City

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