Bear Mated

by Belinda Meyers

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Police officer Barbara Thompson is a woman on a mission -- to catch the serial jewel thief that's been terrorizing Pine Ridge. Plus she's on her first car chase, which is awesome! Hurtling through the mountain roads outside of town, she's just about to catch the bad guy when all of a sudden a bear looms in the road. She swerves, wrecks her cruiser, and the jerk thief gets away. Then the bear changes shape and becomes Rick Barnes, naked man-ho bear shifter. He's all smile and charm, but Barb is furious with him. A fury only mollified a little when he says he has a plan to make it up to her. He'll help her catch the bad guy yet.

Rick Barnes is a ladies' man and a bear-shifter extraordinaire, as he's only too happy to point out. Most women would go nuts to spend time romping around with him in his birthday suit. So why is this Officer Barbara Thompson so tough? And why does his bear go into fits when he's around her? There's something about this woman that intrigues him, and if helping her catch the bad guy lets him spend more time with her to figure out what that is, then so be it.

Things get dangerous when a group of murderous eagle shifters start chasing them, but they really heat up when Barbara and Rick discover their feelings for each other might be more complicated than they would have thought. Can two opposites on the run find happiness with each other?

This is a standalone bear shifter paranormal romance short novel, second in the Pine Ridge Bear Shifter Paranormal Romance series.

Content warning: Contains swear words, a sassy heroine and steamy bear shifter action.

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