Beyond Every Mirror

by Christine Church

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"An intriguing start to a promising new series." -KIRKUS REVIEW

This book is for those with an open mind, wishing something different, where they can disappear into a world with rich characters, strange worlds, beasts beyond imagination. Where time can be bent, people reincarnated at the will of a Wizard, and a love story so deep it defies the confines of time. **Includes violence, both physical and mental, some sexual situations and strong language.

Beside his own image in the mirror, Dane Bainbridge sees a ginger-haired beauty with stunning emerald eyes. Behind her, sprawling red mountains and clouds as if from another world. He has seen her all of his life. A life filled with glamor and fame...and loneliness. For, the woman in his mirrors is his one true love. However, he doesn't know this yet, not until he is dragged into her world - one of beasts and barriers beyond human imagination. One where his sacrifice and death are the only thing keeping the woman he loves and her world alive.

Meirah has loved him since she was only a teenager, when she stumbled upon a human who came through to her world by accident. Always fascinated by humans, her curious nature gets her into trouble and spells doom for all eternity for the man she falls in love with.

Now that Dane remembers it all, there are no more chances. He and Meirah must find a way to survive. He is the key that keeps her alive, she is the key that gives him hope. Can they break the curse that keeps them separated by torture and death and escape together from a world that exists beyond every mirror?

Not your typical vampire tale.

Praise for Beyond Every Mirror:

"You might say that Christine Church has created her own sub-genre in her novel Beyond Every Mirror: Book One—Anachronistic Dimensions. In the spirit of today’s greatest paranormal fantasies, Church’s book transcends space and time and creates a bridge where one wasn’t envisioned until now. Romance mixes with the otherworldly as Dane and Meirah discover each other through a mirror that shows more than what each can see of themselves. Dane is Meirah’s saving grace and she is his future and past. Life and death are almost interchangeable in this love story, and it’s up to readers to translate the language of love that exists in an unpredictable connection of dimensions." -America Star Review, June 2017

"I have never read anything quite like it and I loved it. Brilliant and well written. Superb!! And the writing style of the author was amazing." Rabia Tanveer, Readers’ Favorite

"Fans of Lord of the Rings, Diana Gabaldon, Anne Rice, and all fantasy novels will really enjoy this book! Truly one of the best books I've ever read!" Bonnie, Amazon Customer

"I actually fell asleep with the book in my arms and woke up to read it in the morning." Amazon Customer

"Great fantasy and very exciting, a real page turner." Amazon Customer

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