Beyond Ragnarok

by Mickey Zucker Reichert

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Book one of the acclaimed, bestselling epic fantasy Renshai Chronicles—discover the intricate Renshai universe, infused with Norse mythology, tangled intrigue, and cataclysmic magical battles.
They’ve survived the end of the universe.
But now, nearly three hundred years after the time of Ragnarok—the death battle of the gods—humankind faces a new and potentially fatal trial. The balance between Law and Chaos has long been maintained by the rulers of Bearn, but with the current king dying, a new keeper of neutrality must be found among his heirs.
When the search becomes desperate, a small band forms in secret to seek out the last possible heir. The team—consisting of the king’s granddaughter, a knight in training, an apprentice bard, a young and untested Renshai warrior, and a fickle thief—struggle to survive the perils of the wild as well as enemies equipped with magical powers.
And if any of them actually reach their goal, can they bring the one remaining heir back to Bearn alive?

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