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Black Jewels


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The award-winning trilogy, now in one volume—with a new introduction.

Anne Bishop’s critically-acclaimed Black Jewels Trilogy is the saga of a young but still-innocent Queen more powerful than even the High Lord of Hell—and the three sworn enemies determined to win her and...


  • Author: Anne Bishop
  • Publish Date: 2003-12-02
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    Reviews/Comments On Black Jewels

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    By: Anonymous
    2014-03-11 02:48:03

    What...this series is absolutely HORRIBLE. It is one of the worst series I have ever read - the writing was childish, the character names ridiculous, and the sexual situations laughable, even the situations were extremely repetitive.

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    By: Anonymous
    2015-08-17 06:10:37

    I adore this series. The writing is sensual in a way that brings the world to life. The character names are highly amusing, and the sexual situations are well portrayed without explicit (and really unrealistic) details. As to them being repetitive...there aren't that many sex scenes in the series.

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