Black Sun Rising

by C.S. Friedman

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Book 88 of 442 in the Best Fantasy Books
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The Coldfire trilogy tells a story of discovery and battle against evil on a planet where a force of nature exists that is capable of reshaping the world in response to psychic stimulus. This terrifying force, much like magic, has the power to prey upon the human mind, drawing forth a person's worst nightmare images or most treasured dreams and indiscriminately giving them life. This is the story of two men: one, a warrior priest ready to sacrifice anything and everything for the cause of humanity's progress; the other, a sorcerer who has survived for countless centuries by a total submission to evil. They are absolute enemies who must unite to conquer an evil greater than anything their world has ever known.

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Anonymous | 2013-03-22 05:07:18
A brilliant exploration of the interaction between human morality and inhuman power, and by extension, the effect human concepts of good and evil can have on inhuman magic place
Anonymous | 2013-10-18 05:25:01
very interesting and unique base, I felt this book had TONS of potential if the characters weren't so cliché - seems as if the author has a huge crush on the main female character, descriptions of her were pretty cheesy after a while. could have been a great book with more focus on how our internal thoughts, fears and desires affect our outside world, which in turn affects us.
Anonymous | 2015-10-27 02:11:35
i agree with you, the female character being the "turn-off" for me, i didnt finish the book because of her.
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