Book Of One

by Jordan Baker

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In this fourth book in the 'Book of One' series, the truth of the dark god is revealed. The ancients bestow wisdom as darkness grips the land. The fire of truth begins to burn, revealing the shadow, as powers of old are reborn. The warrior accepts the blade, the fire of the dragon burns with rage, and the powers of light and dark conspire with fate.

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peter_farr | 2014-10-11 12:43:25
This series is awesome, it hasnt been published or advertised properly so as u can imagine the editing is bad. i discovered this on my kindle and bought it on a whim. ive read a lot of fantasy books but im not good at describing them well, so i will just say this the first book started out as ur traditional fantasy book where the main character goes from zero to sort of hero. it then develops into so much more with more main characters and plot twists i didn't even see coming but it turns out where planned from the beginning normally its easy to see plot twists coming but in this book a couple shocked me. needless to say u have to try these books there cheap and if u give them a chance u will never look back.
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