Broken Heart Series

by JL Redington

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Book 23 of 68 in the Best Romantic Vampire Books
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After a severe beating that left him near death, FBI Special Agent Sam Richards wakes in the hospital, slowly coming out of a two week coma. Broken and bruised he is nursed back to health by the beautiful and mysterious, Jada Patton, his assigned Physical Therapist. As Sam regains his strength, a friendship develops between he and Jada, one that becomes even more than friends. However, Jada is hiding something, something that makes her sad and keeps her lonely. Sam has to find a way to break through that secretive shell and when he does, he finds their lives intersect in the strangest of ways, causing him to question his feelings and bringing to light suspicions regarding Jada and who she really is. With killers chasing both of them, the only way to keep them safe is for Max to order them into hiding…together…with Sam as the body guard for them both. Running for their lives, Sam must work fast and stay alert as he and Jada quickly head West, away from the hidden dangers in DC. Fighting the anger and mistrust between them, they must learn to work together, or die trying.

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