Capeville: The Death Of The Black Vulture

by Matt Mikalatos

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Book 18 of 29 in the Superhero Fantasy Books
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Psycho mass murderers can wreck your summer so fast.

John Ajax planned to spend every sun-filled summer day playing Tread Battalion 2 with his friends. Then a super-powered goon tried to kidnap him, and his parents freaked out and sent him to "hide" in Capeville... a city populated entirely with superheroes and villains.

 It might be okay if he could fly, or shoot laser beams out of his eyes, or crush a brick in his bare hands. Instead he has a drill-sergeant grandfather, a crush on his boss (Jupiter Girl, a flying, brick-crushing, psychic powerhouse. No laser eyes.) and a best friend with speedster powers and poor impulse control. 

To make matters worse, the aforementioned psycho mass murderer is trying to kill every super-powered person in the city. If that happens John will lose his job, the respect of Jupiter Girl, and his best friend, too. So mass murder, that's where John plans to draw the line.

He may not be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, but maybe, just maybe, John can still be a hero.

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