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As one of the more complex but higher yielding financial opportunities available, derivative investing has become a multi-trillion dollar industry. According to a recent Bank for International Settlements’ Second Quarter Reports, there were more than $6 trillion in contracts outstanding in one year – more than $800 billion of that held by non-financial customers around the world. The physical number of contracts broke the 300 trillion mark and the numbers continue to rise annually around the globe.

The combination of lower risks and potential skyrocketing gains that a derivative offers has made many people stop and take notice, yet the seemingly complex nature of such an investment is cause for pause. With this complete guide to understanding derivative investment though, you will not only understand how they work, you can also start making incredibly high returns on a regular basis, all while minimizing your risk.

You will start by learning exactly what derivatives are and how the various different forms, including forward contracts, futures contracts, swaps, and options, allow you to make trades on less tangible things outside of the various different trading opportunities you normally have. You will learn why it is important to know everything about derivatives before you start to trade and the vital use of risk analysis and management to maintain the economic stability of your portfolio. In addition, the prices of commodities, exchanges rates, and interest rates as they apply to derivatives will be discussed, including how they are established. You will learn what a contract provides, how the futures markets operate, what taxes and commissions you can expect in futures trading, and what people are currently working on in the futures market.

In addition, you will learn the various forms of futures, such as stock index futures, Treasury bond and Treasury note futures, and also Treasury bill and Eurodollar futures. You will learn directly from the experts, thanks to dozens of hours of interviews with the nation’s top derivatives trading experts. You will learn how to trade and add swaps to your portfolio, manage the risk associated with them, and how they are priced and valued. You will learn the various different option pricing models and trading strategies, and also how the continuous time option pricing model operates in different markets.

For anyone who wants to take advantage of the derivative market but does not yet have the necessary knowledge to do so, this book will provide you with a comprehensive outlook on every detail involved in trading within these complex, more advanced markets.

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