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Dragon Prince


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The Kingdom of the Sarianne teeters on the brink. While its tyrant king plays out his petty vendettas, rebellion foments on the edges of his domain. Politics and power struggles gamble civilization on the tides of war.

Yet war is not the greatest threat to civilization. A far older enemy ris...

  • Author: Melini Rawn
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    By: Anonymous
    2013-10-23 09:03:59

    The first book is pretty interesting but it dragged for me after that and I thought the characters were flat.

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    By: Anonymous
    2015-02-27 08:47:59

    One of the worst books I've ever read.Slow plot and flat characters that I disliked more and more for every chapter. I was hoping for a nice love story, but instead I got the "main characters immediately fall in love just because they are sooo hot"-crap.

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