Dragon Ties

by Dusty Lynn Holloway

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One spark can start a fire.

One life can fan the flames.

One light can pierce the darkness.

To the place where darkness claims.

Having barely escaped from the Plains of Fire with her life, Auri follows the pleas of her father and sets out for the safety and knowledge of the Dragon Masters. Once there, she hopes to immerse herself in their training and become the decisive edge that Terradin needs to stop Obsidian and his Rebels.

But before her journey has even truly begun, someone dear to her is ripped away. Reeling from the loss, and with Terradin growing ever darker around her, she is forced to make a terrible decision that will have everlasting repercussions.

Does she cling to what once was? Or does she reforge herself anew like the fabled phoenix, and rise from the ashes to burn brighter than ever before?

He wasn’t sure if he was awake or dreaming. He was shivering. It was so cold that his teeth were chattering, clacking together as though they were under some supernatural power. It became a method that he used to determine if he was really awake. Was he in pain? Check. Was he freezing? Check. All right then, he was awake.

He began to live for his dreams.

In his dreams, Auri always chose him. Her skin looked luminous and translucent; her eyes looked like they were blue fire. She stood before him, and then when he came to again, she was kneeling. Time sped up and slowed down, sped up . . . slowed down, and it all revolved around her. He counted his heartbeats when she was near. They were always easy to count, because seeing her, being near her, always made his heart pound hard within his chest.

She was kneeling before him again, calling to him, then she faded to black. Hours later, was it days? She knelt before him again. “Hold on, Nachal. We’re coming. Hold on.”

Lucid moments became rarer as the fever raged within him. It got to the point that he felt like he was perpetually in a dream. He no longer felt the biting cold or the searing pain. Everything floated in a bottomless nether. The walls seemed to run in liquid black, and his body felt . . . not like a body anymore. More like a chain, that—instead of tethering him to the wall—was tethering him to his life. In his lucid moments, he realized the chain was becoming very brittle.

And very soon, it would snap.
Dragon Ties is book 2 in my dragon quartet. All books are available now! No waiting! Dragon Ties is a world you'll want to visit time and time again.

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Anonymous | 2014-06-24 09:46:22
The second book in Dusty Lynn Holloway's series, has us continuing the story of Auri and her friends as they fight her evil uncle in the quest to save their land. Love, hate, pain, joy. The author brings it all to life with her easy way of writing that will grip and hold you till the end.
Anonymous | 2014-06-24 09:47:48
Loved this book!
Anonymous | 2014-06-28 06:00:25
self published crap
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