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Echo Of The High Kings


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Reviews/Comments On Echo Of The High Kings

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By: Jessica
2016-03-02 10:53:51

The whole scope of this book was a lot for me to take in intially. Kal Spriggs has built a complex and engaging world, one with a huge depth of history and a variety of races, cultures, and societies. This is truly epic fantasy, with broad and complex characters and a vibrant story. There are heroes, villians, and people every shade of gray in between. It took a little while to get started, but once it did, following the story was effortless and I kept turning the pages to find out what was next. When I finally reached the end, I wanted to read the next one. This is a great book and I can't recommend it enough!

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By: Anonymous
2016-03-03 02:51:24

Fantastic character-driven fantasy. Epic in every way. I loved reading it and there was always some new twist

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By: Katrin
2016-03-09 12:54:47

Miserable writing and even more miserable editing! I bought the book after it was reviewed with 5 stars twice here, but I am utterly disappointed.

Made it to chapter 2, then gave up. That normally never happens, but I really can't stand to read on unless someone promises me it will get a lot better!

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