Echoes Of Empire

by Mark T. Barnes

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Echoes of Empire: Book 2

An uneasy peace has settled over the Shr?anese Empire, and for Indris and Mari, a life together just might be possible. But while the fighting may be over, the struggle between the two great Houses vying to rule has just begun, and caught between them are Indris and Mari—warriors of the highest caliber…and members of the opposing families.

With the court moved to a new city, the old machinations of Mari’s father, Corajidin, are still churning as he maneuvers to shape the future Empire. For Mari and Indris, though, it could be the past that’s their undoing, as lost lovers and forgotten flames reappear as if by dark magic.

And dark magic it could be, for a dangerous alliance with witches could not only grant Corajidn control of Shr?an, but once again plunge the nation back into war—especially after a sorcerous battle destroys much of the city…and forces Indris and Mari to part ways.

In The Obsidian Heart, the second volume of the Echoes of Empire series, darkness falls over a kingdom already reeling from a costly civil war. Can the Indris and Mari survive this new threat to save not only the ones they love, but possibly the entire world?

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