Engineer Trilogy

by K. J. Parker

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Anonymous | 2012-11-24 12:20:54
Hi, it is me again. Another set of books are linked on Amazon to different books. Please fix. I want to get these books too. Best wishes!
Anonymous | 2012-12-14 10:52:25
This series isn't his best the fencer trilogy is and then the Shadow/Pattern/Memory trilogy. These books are not easy to read but are very good if you are an advanced reader eg. you like and understand Erikson and R. Scott Bakker.
Thiago Krause | 2013-10-26 07:37:54
I found the premise intriguing, as I was looking for a different sort of fantasy. Nevertheless, I a lot of things strained my credulity: the characters were almost paragons of some qualities/flaws, not actual human people; they were capable of planning to much far ahead, and it actually worked; most of the characters weren't sympathetic at all: I think I only liked one character in the book (Duke Valens, and even then he did somethings pretty unexplainable); the trilogy is about the power of love, but there's never an explanation of why love arises, and why it is so powerful to make the world turn, as it does in the books... All in all, the author is very talented, but his choices aren't for me.
Anonymous claws | 2014-01-25 03:32:41
Read the series about a year or 2 ago. This series lays bare alot of topics. Here is a list: love-reason, coruption-love, good-bad, gray area-self interest. This book makes you think. But also keeps you searching. Who of the charecter do you relate the most with. personal opion: can't call it fantasy. Only unrealstic thing in the books is that only one area in that world is in it industrial revolution phase and the rest still in in the middel ages. That plus the affair with the duke valens is the most interesting thing in the whole series.. This book will be boring for alot of people. But this could be a book that helps you understand yourself better. I do give it a six, but it's unique so 7 should suffice.
Eric | 2014-02-11 08:02:03
I only got about a hundred and fifty pages in before putting it down, so my opinion is partial and flawed. I accept this. Judging purely on the beginning, I don't understand how this is regarded a 'thinking man's fantasy.' Yes, there are details regarding industry, but the complexity needed to understand what's going on doesn't encompass the memorization of various screw drivers, so I found the overall set up fairly simplistic. The characters all sounded the same to me, both verbally and internally. More over--and this is an opinion that is difficult to prove or define--they don't *feel* right. Listening to these brilliant engineers and well educated monarchs talk about their world felt much like listening to a college friend explain his role playing game. And finally, the writing. Another one of those can't be proven concepts, but I found it mediocre. I don't know how this gets compared to Erikson or Bakker, and I don't hold those two on a pedestal. My feelings for them are more like calculated respect than genuine love. Maybe it gets better, but I would have to hear that from a few people I trust before giving it another go.
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