Forgotten Realms

by Tim Pratt

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Book 25 of 37 in the Worst Fantasy Books Ever
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Child of prophecy? Harbinger of Doom
Zaltys is a girl like any other to grow up ranging thejungles of the Southern Lluirwood. She’s a crack shot with a bow and no stranger to the dangers that lurk beneath the deep forest canopy.
On expedition with her family to harvest the forbidden terazul flower, a powerful drug that has gathered many a dreamer into its narcotic embrace, Zaltys is about to unearth a truth long buried by the feculent loam of deception.
As the veil is lifted on the world Zaltys thought she knew, a pathway to the Underdark promises the answers her family never gave. Venturing forth in search of truth, Zaltys finds betrayal to be a much easier quarry. But it will take more than a lode of lies to quell the venom in her veins.

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Rarilmar | 2015-09-09 07:16:15
Why is R. A. Salvatore credited for the Forgotten Realms universe? He may be the most famous of the writers but he is only responsible for creating the Drow society in the universe. The main universe creator is ED Greenwood. But yeah Forgotten Realms deserves to be in this "bad" list because it didn't age well and recent books feel like they are rewrites of earlier books. Nothing changes nobody dies and when a important character really dies they get resurrected by gods and even goods resurrect themselves out of nothingness... Basically nothing that ever happens really matters in this universe because it can be undone. However this universe has a lot of fans that do enjoy reading the same thing over and over, and over again till the end of time...
Anonymous | 2015-12-29 08:42:06
The dark elf trilogy is a phenomenal series of books. They contain a great character in Drizzt. They tell the story of an entire society in a better way than I've ever found in another series. I think the cleric quintet is a pretty good read as well. Crazy to hate on Salvatore this way.
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