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His Majesty's Dragon


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    2007 Hugo Nominated: His Majesty's Dragon

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    By: Cassie G.
    2015-12-18 06:56:10

    Thank you SO MUCH for mentioning this one in your list. While I greatly disagree with the idea that they decline in quality after Black Powder War, this is - in my opinion - one of the foremost superior Dragon Rider novels to date. The Pern series is decent, and Eragon is alright as well, but never have I been able to envision the Dragons so clearly, or understand their personalities so well, as well as the relationships between them and their Captains. For anybody who enjoys their books having substance, intelligent humor, and a writer who actually does her research, I would highly suggest this series.

    She really has done QUITE a bit of research. Much of her information is correct, including the state of the world during the Napoleon wars, the personalities of British Gentleman, their dress, languages, and attitudes of different areas of the world. She also did extensive research into the mythology of dragons and other creatures around the world to wrap her own Dragon Species around, of which she has many. It is probably the only book series I've read that actually classifies them as a species, with different breeds and distinctions between them.

    In short, it is a fantastic series. I recommend it to anybody who finds any of this information to be what they are looking for! <3

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