In The Shadow Of The Witch

by Brian White

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Book 17 of 23 in the New Weird Fantasy Books
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Your life will never be the same once the Coma Witch enters it. This is a fact Trevor, an innocent blacksmith, must face once forced to make a deal in order to save his son’s life. When the witch demands payment, Trevor is unable to deliver his end of the bargain starting a vicious cycle of revenge and retribution.

Driven to free himself from the witch’s shadow, Trevor seeks the aid of a fellow victim of the witch, a shaman, who trains him to manipulate the forces of darkness and light, turning him into a force of magical destruction capable of battling the witch.

This story of destruction and vengeance set in a dystopian post-modern West follows the trail of devastation and despair through this dark world where good deeds are twisted to evil ends and where Trevor ultimately finds the answer to the question: Is he a mystic in search of a dark revelation or is he the questing knight in search of justice?

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