Kushiel's Dart

by Jacqueline Carey

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Book 6 of 112 in the Best Fantasy Books for Women
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The land of Terre d'Ange is a place of unsurpassing beauty and grace. It is said that angels found the land and saw it was good...and the ensuing race that rose from the seed of angels and men live by one simple rule: Love as thou wilt.

Phèdre nó Delaunay is a young woman who was born with a scarlet mote in her left eye. Sold into indentured servitude as a child, her bond is purchased by Anafiel Delaunay, a nobleman with very a special mission...and the first one to recognize who and what she is: one pricked by Kushiel's Dart, chosen to forever experience pain and pleasure as one.

Phèdre is trained equally in the courtly arts and the talents of the bedchamber, but, above all, the ability to observe, remember, and analyze. Almost as talented a spy as she is courtesan, Phèdre stumbles upon a plot that threatens the very foundations of her homeland. Treachery sets her on her path; love and honor goad her further. And in the doing, it will take her to the edge of despair...and beyond. Hateful friend, loving enemy, beloved assassin; they can all wear the same glittering mask in this world, and Phèdre will get but one chance to save all that she holds dear.

Set in a world of cunning poets, deadly courtiers, heroic traitors, and a truly Machiavellian villainess, this is a novel of grandeur, luxuriance, sacrifice, betrayal, and deeply laid conspiracies. Not since Dune has there been an epic on the scale of Kushiel's Dart-a massive tale about the violent death of an old age, and the birth of a new.

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Anonymous | 2013-01-06 04:51:18
LOVED this series!! It was so complex. This fits into more than just romance though- it has battle scenes, political intrigue, Gods..etc. I'm glad to see it ranked so high on the lists - but I think it could be a contender for the top 25
Dhana Latchmi Mahesh | 2015-03-08 02:53:27
Very well written book, great plot, unforgettable characters... The author takes on the Bible tale and changes it. I :) actually prefer Kushiel's Dart to the actual tale of Jesus and his disciples. I have read entire series by the way!
Anonymous | 2015-04-09 07:42:00
This series, which is larger than the 3 novels, is very well written, the heroin and hero's of the story are well developed characters with rich layering, and careful development. The reader gets drawn into each and learns to love them. They are not two dimensional, good vs evil, the reader is challenged to appreciate the characters and their faults. The plot is well developed and carefully written, and as a man, I found the story compelling. I would highly recommend the series.
Anonymous | 2015-10-13 01:29:14
Elua's motto was "Love as thou wilt". And i love this book i did.
Nafi | 2016-04-15 05:41:47
I didn't like it at all. Couldn't get over Book 2. Boring as hell, so I didn't get to the romance Part obviously. I would recommend Grace Draven, C.L. Wilson,Juliet Marillier, Samantha Young, Deborah Harkness, Patricia Briggs. Even Terry Goodman.
Anonymous | 2018-03-22 03:01:33
This is hands down my favorite book of all time so far. While some of the sex descriptions are truly far and beyond my tastes, I love this book. I read it once a year, and I buy it every chance I get, just to give it to other people to read.
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