Legends Of The Dragonrealm

by Richard A. Knaak

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An omnibus of the first three novels in New York Times bestselling author Richard A. Knaak’s epic fantasy series Dragonrealm—collected for the first time in one incredible volume.

In addition to writing one of the bestselling Warcraft novels of all time, Day of the Dragon, Richard A. Knaak is the author of the legendary fantasy series Dragonrealm. Now available for the first time in one fantastic collection, the first three novels from this riveting series include:

: In the ultimate war between humans and fiery shape-shifting beings, Duke Toma has unleashed every conceivable evil upon the world of the Dragon Kings. Only one dares to challenge him: Cabe Bedlam, a youth with a magical sword that promises its bearer total mastery over man and beast alike.

: Pitting his magic sword against the glittering scaled armor of the Dragon Kings, young Cabe Bedlam drove the shape-shifters back to their origins. But from the Northern Wastes, the merciless Ice Dragon implements a lethal scheme to sweep mankind into oblivion. Now Cabe must embark on a perilous journey toward an epic confrontation.

: The Death of the Dragon Emperor leaves both the Dragonrealms and human kingdom in ruins. Tomorrow’s hope—the Emperor’s hatchlings—live, protected by the human warrior Cabe Bedlam. But the future teeters on the brink of disaster, and only Cabe and his good friend, the Gryohon, can save the dragons from losing their magic forever.

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